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As for the circulating water, that is, the cooling water system for recycling, it can be seen that during the whole process of producing and processing equipment and products, the dissolved substances or microorganisms in the water multiply, resulting in pipeline corrosion or deposition in the pipeline, which directly affects the smoothness of the pipeline, Therefore, the circulating water treatment system must be used to reduce the temperature and treat the cooling water system stably and correctly, so as to make the industrial production run normally. What is the function of circulating water treatment?

In the whole process of processing and manufacturing industry, this is because the products produced and processed must form industrial products, and a large number of cooling water systems need to be adopted. During the whole storage process, these cooling water systems are easy to reproduce, and some microorganisms and dust accumulate in the water, which shows that there are more pipeline corrosion and deposition, Finally, it directly affects the processing and manufacturing industry. Therefore, the circulating water treatment system must be used to sterilize and kill algae, so as to ensure the purity of the cooling water system and the smoothness of the pipeline. Usually, in order to ensure that all microorganisms in the water are killed, some bactericides will be added to the water treatment system, which can not only sterilize, but also avoid the re formation of dirt in the water.

In addition, in the circulating water treatment system, a part of active oxygen is specially added, which is adsorbed on the inner wall of the pipeline to form a protective film. In this way, when scale and some microorganisms pass through the pipeline, they will not corrode the pipeline, and can also ensure that the pipeline is always unobstructed. In the whole process of circulating water operation, a large number of sediment has been accumulated in the water before, so it will form a large dirt when it is accumulated for a long time, and these dirt will have a great direct impact on the processing and manufacturing industry. After the circulating water treatment system is adopted, these dirt can be reasonably and effectively removed, and a protective film can be formed on the surface of the pipeline to prevent sediment and other scale from accumulating on the inner wall of the pipeline in the future.

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