What are the characteristics of reverse osmosis scale inhibitors in water treatment agentsReturn

Basic characteristics of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor in water treatment agent:

① In the range of solution concentration, inorganic scaling can be reasonably and effectively controlled

② It does not agglomerate with iron, aluminum oxide and silicon to form insoluble matter

③ It can reasonably and effectively inhibit the integration and precipitation of silicon, and the concentration of SiO2 solution on the concentrated water side can reach 290

④ It can be applied to reverse osmosis Ca and TFC membranes, nanofiltration membranes and ultrafiltration membranes

⑤ Very good solubility and stability

⑥ The pH value of feed water is reasonable and effective in the range of 5-10

Reverse osmosis technology in water treatment agent is one of the most mature and stable physical desalination technology levels in water stop treatment technology desalination process. It is increasingly used in industrial production in the process of design and application. The differences of water quality and water demand of different users constitute the reverse osmosis water treatment system with different process flow. If the process design is not perfect, the operation method is not handled properly, and the chemical industry additives are incompatible with water quality, etc, It often leads to the decline of water production and water quality of reverse osmosis operating system When the situation is serious, the basic element in the reverse osmosis operating system - reverse osmosis membrane element is scrapped in advance. Therefore, the protection of reverse osmosis membrane element is particularly important in the whole system design and operation link.

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