Abnormal activated sludge of sewage treatment agentReturn

Recently, the oxidation ditch process has been adopted in the sewage treatment plant. The sludge has abnormal conditions, the mixed liquid is turbid and the sludge is loose, the flocs are small, the surface of the sewage pool is unclear, the effluent is turbid, and the treatment effect is poor. What are the main reasons for this phenomenon and how to deal with it.

According to the water quality, the effluent is turbid and the flocs are dissolved, we can judge that the sludge disintegrates, the activated sludge changes from flocs to particles, and the transparency of the treated water decreases. This phenomenon is called activated sludge disintegration. This phenomenon may be caused by excessive air blowing. Under normal circumstances, the do of the aerobic tank is about 2mg / L; It may also be that the MLSS of A2 / O process is generally about 3500mg / L relative to the inlet water quality; In addition, it may also be caused by the inflow of harmful substances. Generally, the cause can be identified by microscopic observation. If it is caused by blast, reduce the blast volume, adjust MLSS and other corresponding measures.

In another case, if it is caused by the inflow of harmful substances or sewage with high salt content, the sewage outlet and inlet shall be investigated, and the source shall be found out to remove hidden dangers. This problem is common because of long-term contact with sewage treatment. During treatment, the sewage treatment agent should be combined with the causes of the problems caused by the sewage plant.

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