Operation guarantee service of circulating water system in Salt Lake magnesium industryReturn

The second technical service department of the Great Lakes Qinghai office is fully responsible for 13 sets of circulating water systems in four magnesium plants (the total circulation volume is more than 150000m3) clean the operation management of pre membrane, cold state and normal operation circulating water treatment, and be responsible for water quality analysis, monitoring test, water treatment agent receiving and sending, storage management, drug dosing, monitoring heat exchanger system, system cleaning, pre membrane work, circulating water operation control and dosing equipment maintenance. Put forward suggestions for the operation of circulating water device water quality Technical transformation scheme, dosing scheme of scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, sodium hypochlorite and concentrated sulfuric acid, guarantee measure scheme for normal operation of dosing equipment and concentration multiple control scheme, and finally ensure that the pH, corrosion rate, sludge amount, turbidity, algae breeding and other indicators of circulating water outlet are qualified, so as to ensure the water demand for production and operation of customers.

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