Yankuang Rongxin coal chemical high salt water treatment and transportation guarantee serviceReturn

The main process flow of high salt water system is: sludge contact clarifier + variable pore filter + fine sand filter + ion exchange softening + primary reverse osmosis + concentrated water reverse osmosis, so as to improve water utilization and zero discharge of concentrated salt water.

The technical service department of Dahu Inner Mongolia Office provides three-year technical services for the customer's high salt water plant: reagent supply, ion exchange, reverse osmosis operation and maintenance. Through design, it provides technical solutions, and takes the concentrated water of reclaimed water R0 system and the reclaimed wastewater of ion exchange system of desalted water post as the inlet water to produce qualified reuse water quality. During the technical service period, timely ensure the whole process of dosing required by the high salt water unit, replacement of R0 membrane components, maintenance, overhaul and replacement of dosing equipment system, safe production and cleaning, civilization and sanitation within the battery limit. Through advanced and reliable technology, Dahu realizes the recovery and reuse of concentrated brine, reduces external discharge and improves the water utilization rate of customers.

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