Chemical treatment and transportation guarantee services for demineralized water, circulating water and sewage system of Yukun iron and steelReturn

The technical service department of Great Lakes Yunnan Office is responsible for providing patrol inspection, transportation guarantee, inspection and maintenance services for the water supply and drainage of the demineralized water system, circulating water system and sewage reuse advanced treatment system of Yukun iron and steel. Through the equipment, pipeline, heat tracing station, ventilation The daily maintenance and overhaul of water supply and drainage (including underground pipe network) system, including the cleaning of water tanks of each water station, water quality analysis, monitoring test, dosing equipment maintenance, etc., ensure the high-quality operation of the water treatment system and have been highly recognized and praised by customers.

After carrying out the operation guarantee service project, Dahu has gathered experienced professional service personnel and advanced management experience to provide customers with all-weather consultation, fault diagnosis, operation optimization, water quality analysis, chemical cleaning, regular inspection, equipment maintenance and replacement, monthly, quarterly and annual operation analysis report, emergency maintenance and services, One stop overall solution creates higher value for customers!

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